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This interest field facilitates students interested in International Management using a broad range of career opportunities, career events, and company information. The supported education programs are as follows:

- BSc International Business Administration

- MSc International management

On Career Platform Tilburg (CPT) you can find multiple vacancies related to a starters job and starters function. Besides that, we also have multiple internships or traineeships, some even in Brabant or Tilburg. You can find a vacancy, internship, or traineeship that fits you the best! 

Asset | International Business & Management

The career opportunities, career events, and company information of this interest field is brought to you by Asset | International Business & Management, the study association of Tilburg University. Asset | International Business & Management is an active, professional study association that serves students interested in Management, Marketing, Accounting, and Finance and currently counts more than 2000 members. With a broad range of activities, Asset | International Business & Management builds a bridge between course theory and the practice of the business. In addition, Asset | International Business & Management fulfills an intermediary role between students and business.


If you have any questions regarding the content provided on this platform, do not hesitate to contact Asset | International Business & Management or drop by our offices.

International Management

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