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In the summer of 2018 Career Platform Tilburg was founded by Faculty Association Asset to unite the career platforms of the seven departments of Asset. At that time no career platform for Tilburg (University) existed and Career Platform Tilburg has quickly expanded to offer vacancies in many different majors. This was done by a unique collaboration with the other study associations at Tilburg University.

One of the core points of focus held by Faculty Association Asset and the other study associations related to Tilburg University is to provide support to its members in their Career Orientation. For many years, students have been able to attend Career Events to meet potential employers and learn more about companies active in their field of interest.

In addition to these Events, Asset and her sister associations strive to be a valuable link between the student and the vast supply of Job Opportunities through its online Career Platform. Simply select your field of interest to quickly find out all Career Opportunities and Career Events in your area! You can also visit the Company Profiles tab to read about the many interesting partners that we collaborate with.

With this unique partnership between the study associations and with the setup of Career Platform Tilburg, Career Platform Tilburg has become the place for career opportunities, events and information for the Tilburg student!